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If your only goal is tracking then all you need is an equatorial platform also known as a Poncet platform

You can buy these from a number of sources with a wide range of prices or you can make you own with many plans available online. Even Bintel sold the Johnsonian VI model about 15 years ago but this one is no longer made.

To use you simply place your current DOB base on top of the platform and you get about 45min of tracking. To reset the sector takes a matter of seconds. Some EQ platforms become your new base so you first must remove the ground board of your current mount. You need to get one for your latitude. The platform will add about 150mm to your current eyepiece height at zenith and for a 10" f4.7 Dob, this is ideal for an adult.

There are dozens of links if you search for EQ Platforms and also Affordable EQ Platforms. Here's a couple at opposite ends of the price scale. See
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