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If you have a SkyWatcher dob you can buy a GOTO upgrade mount. The mount must be perfectly level for good alignment and tracking and the simplest way to achieve it is to fit leveling feet which you can get at Bunnings. Three 19mm thick hardwood blocks screwed and glued to the base instead of the rubber feet to accept the threads of the leveling feet. A SynScan WiFi dongle and the SynScan app together with SkySafari pro can be used to align and drive the mount making the handset redundant. An EQ mount, if that's your thinking, is not a good idea for a 10" OTA, the length of the tube will act like a sail in the slightest breeze and the eyepiece often ends up in an awkward position, requiring loosening the tube rings and rotating the tube. If AP is your goal, an EQ mount with a refractor is what you need, if visual only a GOTO dob is fine. I use a 4cyl jumper pack to run my goto dob out in the field, modified with bullet plugs from Jaycar as the cig lighter socket connection is not all that secure. At home a 240v - 12v 2A DC adapter, also with a bullet plug.
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