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Originally Posted by FlashDrive View Post
A lot of work in that ...well done ..!!

Flash ..!!
Thanks Roland, Larry.
yes Flash, it was quite a bit of work, sometimes I wondered if I over complicated it, but being F4, I was set on improving rigidity as much as possible, and it just added on. Moreover, I had no access to Al milling, so had to work with wood.

A CF rolled tube would have been perfect if I could afford it, but since I couldn't, I had to make my own and Rolf and Brent's trusses provided the inspiration.

I'm currently doing a PEC train on the HEQ5 as the PE is around 45arc sec and with the weight of the OTA being borderline for the mount, I need to use PEC to smooth out the guiding as much as possible.

I wanted to fix a cylindrical shield on the inside rather than cover the trusses, just for aesthetics, but not sure where I can get plastic sheets.
Else I might have to use a shroud with velcro.

At snake valley, the primary was completely dewed up when I had no shroud.
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