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Hi Kevin, welcome to Ice in Space.

I think you would be pushing the limits of the Heq5 too far with the 10 inch on it; it has a max payload of 13Kg.

For imaging you need to keep below 75% of max payload or else the clutches will slip and ruin your images.
With camera, guidescope and guidecam you will easily exceed that 75%. For visual use you will be Ok but will restrict you to visual unless you get a smaller scope for imaging.

As far as GoTo is concerned the Synscan controller requires a two star alignment (I use Sirius and Alpha Centauri), you can choose which stars to use from the synscan database. You can also re-calibrate at any time and update the synscan.

I have an EQ6 and with the tripod it weighs 22Kg, I carry mine out from the garage each session and even though I have only 12 steps to take it is still an effort. But Iím an old bloke in my 60ís. However the EQ6 is good insurance for future OTA upgrades. (I presently use an 8inch Skywatcher Newt for imaging).

As far as the LX90 goes, for imaging you will still need an equatorial wedge for tracking, or else you will get field rotation after 60 secs. Some stacking software can fix that, but only so far before it gives up.

Hope this helps

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