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What to do with a 10inch OTA

So 14 years ago I purchased a 10 inch Meade LX50. (Push to version of a LX200)
It has seen some use over the years but not enough. I should have purchased an 8 inch LX200!

I've moved to a house in Sydney with lots of light pollution on a hill with lots of trees so have poor views of the sky and the SCP. I'll need to move the scope between the front and back yards over the course of an evenings viewing!

The LX50 as is is too big and too heavy. I struggle to lift the 15Kgs of OTA and fork arms onto the wedge. So I figure de-fork the OTA cuts 5Kgs and clamp on some rings. Then buy a HEQ5 mount. The OTA is 10Kgs. I could go for the NEQ6 mount but worried about weight.

I have not done any Astrophotography but I would want to mount an SLR as a first step. I spend some weekends away under dark skies as well.

So here are my questions.
- For visual use at home will I be able to get a good enough alignment for the goto to work if I have a restricted view of the sky on the HEQ5?
(In LP skies I find goto a great feature even if the object is dim in the ep.)

- Should I sell the scope and by a small Alt Az like an 8 inch LX90 which I know will get more use due to its small size and weight?

- Will the HEQ5 cope with a Meade SC 10inch, 10Kg OTA plus rings SLR, viewfinder and maybe a guide scope in the future?

Heated debate welcome, no offence taken, and yes this is my first post on IIS.

Thanks in advance Kevin
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