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Vixen VC200L VISAC, Vixen focal reducer, custom machined Losmandy plate, As New!

I'm selling my Vixen VC200L Visac with matching VC200l focal reducer and custom fit Losmandy dovetail plate (vixen plate is included, as is the finder).

Everything is as new, it has never seen first light and has lived in a box since I bought it a couple years back. You can see the condition from the photos.

Pictures are here
(I can't figure out how to get pictures in these ads anymore).

I bought this for a remote observatory project that never happened - this was going to the basis of a second observatory, but I've well and truly got my hands full with the first. I'll buy one of these again in the future when I'm ready.

I carefully selected this scope for astrophotography. You get fantastic image quality for a reasonable weight. A GP-DX is already enough to use it for this purpose. With the focal reducer its also pretty fast, again a benefit when doing astrophotography on a lighter weight mount. I was going to use it on an EM-200 which I think would be like a rock for this

And thats the reason for the Losmandy plate. The stock Vixen dovetail (included) is like a piece of spaghetti compared to it. Losmandy don't make a plate for this scope, so I bought a Losmandy plate and had i machined by professional toolmaker. The plate had to machined (you can see the holes and also where it perfectly fits the front lip of the scope) as well as the blocks - to match the radius of the OTA. So the OTA was not drilled or touched in any way. If you want to go to the stock
plate you just unbolt the losmandy and bolt the vixen back on.

You can see plenty more detail about this scope here:

Heres what I paid:
vixen vc200l ota incl finder and vixen dovetail $2900AUD
VC200l focal reducer f/6.5 reducer $330AUD
losmandy dovetail plate + adaptors $160AUD
machining of losmandy doevtail plate to fit $100AUD
customs + shipping - can't remember but significant and a long wait
Total paid: $3490+AUD

I'm asking $1800AUD (old price $2100AUD) for everything excluding shipping. Shipping with Express Post Platinum fully insured is $100.

Pickup in Melbourne (near the airport) is welcome. Shipping OS is possible but this deal is obviously best for Australia.

Cash on pickup, Paypal and bank transfer are all possible.

I have sold (and bought!) plenty of stuff on iceinspace - just check my posts. I'm also going to list this on AM as some of you go there more often than come here. you can also check my rating there, same username.


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