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Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
As some of you know I have been using a GSO12 f4 Newtonian for the last 8 months or so. I am still trying to sort problems with stability and have nearly narrowed down all the problems but I am convinced I will need to do a rebuild of the secondary cage and spider eventually. That will take some time and might mean months of not being able to image.

Having grown tired of being a beta tester, I have over the weekend expended a significant sum of money on one of these. My thinking here is that these systems are mature and likely to produce the results I am after from the time I place the scope on the mount.

I ordered it with 1/10 PV Optics, Atlas Kit, CNC supporting rings, an adapter to fit with the QSI683 and the Wynne corrector.

I guess the wait will be quite long. Chris Venter and Mike Sidonio waited 6-7 months for their scopes to arrive. I hope it will be shorter than that.

Time appears to have come to a stand still now. Is there a way of moving forward quickly yet?

Hi Paul,
when you say a beta tester do you mean it in a colloquial way
or do you mean that you have been supplied new telescopes
free of charge by GSO to sort out?

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