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Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
I have noticed that if I rotate the corrector 180 degrees then the uncorrected part of the field follows this path. This is clearly tilt which is following the rotation. I am thinking this might actually be the focuser board being out of perpendicular from the optical path. Thoughts? Is there an easy way to test this idea?

I assume when you rotate the corrector, the camera rotates with it, and there is no rotator in the mix?

If the focuser board is out of perpendicular from the optical path, surely it must be thicker on one side than the other, no? as the telescope tube has to be cylindrical. I think you've done the right thing with the measuring tools and rotating the corrector (and camera with it?)

Originally Posted by Paul Haese View Post
Though I am not sure how I will do this as the Atlas adapters don't have a way to pack them out. Perhaps it is operator error???

Atlas adapters are dovetail? if so, you can still pack them out with a shim pushed in between the two parts, and the dovetail just wont tighten up so much, if i understand you correctly.

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