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Meade Schmidt-Newtonian 254mm F/4 OTA

Hi All,

Meade LXD75 Schmidt-Newtonian 10" F/4 OPTICAL TUBE For Sale.

Pics attached. Telescope is stored in SOUTHERN ADELAIDE.

Looking for local (SA) buyers who can pick up.

Optics in As New Condition. UHTC. Rarely used and stored away.
Flat field Schmidt-Newtonian design. Wide field well corrected views.

Tube only has very minor imperfections from the original rings. As I will be moving back to Tasmania this year, I am seeking to sell this OTA ASAP within the next couple of months.

I am including a Meade Ultra Wide Angle 82 degree AFOV, 4.7mm focal length eyepiece which provides 216 magnification, 0.38 degree (22 arcmin) TFOV, 1.175 mm exit pupil with this telescope.

Also including Meade 26mm Plossl and generic 40mm Plossl eyepieces.
26mm provides 39 magnification, 1.28 degree TFOV (Two and a half Moon diameters), 6.5mm exit pupil.
The 40mm would have to high an exit pupil on this focal length but I might as well include it anyway.

Including the 3 eyepieces as a package along with the OTA.

It also has a genuine Astrozap aluminium dew shield, matched to the OTA colour.

Some Specs:

The OTA weighs (to my best estimate based on bathroom scales!): 13.5 kg

The OTA measures 93.5 cm long (without dew shield) and 30 cm wide.

The Aluminium dew shield adds 38.5 cm to the length and is 31 cm wide. The dew shield is incredibly light.

It can be picked up and transported by a single person.

I recommend putting this baby on a good solid equatorial mount and getting new tube rings as the Meade one's really aren't sufficient thus I have removed them. You can get very affordable good quality rings and mounting bracket to suit your mount from Bintel.

I would also recommend upgrading the focuser if Astroimaging is in your plans. Again, Bintel have very affordable good quality options to suit.

The optics in this tube are great and I hope this telescope can find a new home through iceinspace to satisfy a new hobbyist astronomer for years to come!

I would not be able to go under the $1000 mark as I am including the dew shield and 3 eyepieces. I am seeking offers from that point.


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