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Originally Posted by TrevorW View Post
Hi Rich

Sorry but your avatar looks like KR

if you use Mozilla to access instead of IE it will ask you if you want to save the password for the site also when logging in you can check the box saying stay logged in

this will only clear if you clear your logins and history etc under tools
No need to be sorry Trev, it's only the white hair and glasses, oh, we also lean the same way.
I always do a clean after each session, also accept cookies. But to get timed out when I'm still on seems strange. I use Chrome.

Originally Posted by noswonky View Post
Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies.

If it is already set, then you may have a corrupted cookie. Try deleting your cookies for the site.
As above, I always do a clean, helps in security.

Originally Posted by iceman View Post
Try this link:
Having to log in all the time

Hope that helps.
Will see how I go, but I would think that "Remember me" is for different sessions.
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