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Hi Peter,

All that matters is that you use the correct (presumably) the specified distance from the flattener, which is specified as 100mm from the last optical surface or 96mm from the flattener rear mounting surface to the ZWO 2600's sensor which is buried 17.5mm within its body. Using the suggested 96mm requirement that means you need to make up 96-17.5 = 78.5mm with spacers/adapters from the flattener rear mounting surface to the ZWO 2600's front mounting surface.

If it were me I would measure all the spacers and adapters, etc to be 100% sure of things. I would even try to verify that the flattener rear element is 4mm below its rear mounting surface.

Whatever you do is predicated on what the manufacturer has told you about the Scope/flattener back focus being 100mm (or 96mm from its mounting surface) being correct, but there may be more optimal positions that people have found in use, and maybe even the 98mm you suggested you had is acceptable.

1st Job - measure all the bits to be sure what you have.


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