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Hi Mike & welcome to IIS...

Not websites but, a few books that I have found useful in learning about the southern skies are:

A walk through the southern sky: Milton D. Heifetz & Wil Tirion - ISBN-10 : 9781107698987

Atlas of the Southern Night Sky: Steve Massey & Steve Quirk - ISBN-10 : 1925546373

I have found these invaluable in both learning what is in my Southern Sky as well as navigating to them. I've been struggling with picturing the constellations though & now have a book on order that was recommended on this forum:

The Stars: A new way to see them: H.A. Rey -ISBN-10 : 0544763440

I haven't received this book as yet but, am looking forward to making more sense of the constellation images & 'connecting the dots' to reduce my reliance on technology when navigating the stars...

This last book is universal, not Southern Hemisphere based so, might be useful to you in other ways...

Hope you find this helpful

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