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Originally Posted by Skybear View Post
Can anyone recommend some good websites for learning about the southern sky? I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, so would appreciate any tips. I've read a bit about Southern Cross (Crux?) and seen a few sky charts.

I'm using the web version of Stellarium. I was having a problem when I downloaded the program onto my Mac.

Thanks and happy stargazing!
This website is actually a great place to start and you are already here.
Many articles about every astro and from what I read, covers a vast array of southern sky..

People here also will have many links to interesting websites when they post articles so you could start right here and never have enough time to cover everything.

I don't know of a better website in the southern sky to look at. Apart from a google search if you know what topic you are interested in.

All the best and happy reading.

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