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Originally Posted by Astronut07 View Post

I attached a Focus Cube V2 to my WO132 which I tear down after every session.
I have had to cut foam to accommodate scope/focuser into case.
I attached the focuser to long dovetail under scope, this gives added protection & rigidity to setup for use at home & dark site
Unfortunately I do not have any detailed pics but you can see where Focuser is attached to dovetail

Good luck
Interesting idea bolting the Focus Cube to the dovetail instead of the focuser itself. Considering the design appears to be based on bolting it to the focuser did you have any issues doing this?

Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
In the box for the Esprit 100, there was a slot for the finder scope adjacent to the focuser end of the scope. I say it was “modified” to accomodate the focuser motor instead.

Not sure what the layout of the 120 box is though
Yeah, it sounds similar - I could just ditch the finderscope from the case entirely and it should fit. I don't actually use it Not sure about the Esprit 100 case but the 120 has a thin black rigid divider between the main OTA foam area and the accessories foam area. Did the 100 case have the same and did it cut OK?

Pic of mine attached.
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