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Video Astronomy EAA Astrotoaster

Hi Glen,

Carl Smith (Howard on IIS) has a great walk through of using Astrotoaster with his Canon 650D on a 200mm f/5 Newtonian Scope at a dark site in QLD.

The job the capture software does is to set camera shooting parameters, shutter release and file saving to designated folders, so "just" substitute the Canon capture software he uses for your Backyard Nikon or even try DigicamControl and you're good to go, notwithstanding some good alignment and equipment setup. The exposure settings he uses are for the Canon 650D (APS-c-ish size) sensor, wont be that different even for the slightly larger (APS-c size) sensor of the Nikon D5300, provided you are around the same focal length that he uses (1000mm). One caveat is that his sensor is modified so will pick up more Hydrogen Alpha, but knowing both sensors, your sensor will be less noisy.

Please share your exploits when you get going. I've always thought that aside from seeing what is difficult or dim to see through the eyepiece that video astronomy is a a great way to share astronomy with others.


Carl's EAA session....

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