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Hi Michael,
I live near by at Tuggerawong.
I will send you a PM.

It gets cold at Bretti, many of us will have Freezer Suits to combat the cold.(Note the signature line of Geoff above)
Bring you best snow gear and a warm sleeping bag.

The nearest biggish town is Gloucester (32k away) so you should bring all your supplies, including drinking water. Or stop at Gloucester Woolies on the way.

There are drop toilets there, but little else, a few covered picnic tables. You can get water from the river not recommended for drinking unless boiled.

Bring normal camping gear, chair, gas cooker, tent/van, cover for scope (it can get dewy there), tarps are always handy for under scope etc.

Hope you can make it. I may be able to assist with a trailer if you need one.

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