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HP laptop SharpCap droputs


Just bought a 2018 HP 840G3 i7 with 16gig DDR4/520SSD to replace the HPi5 I have been using for Solar imaging. But SharpCap doesn't play with the new USB3 ports.

I had been successfully using the ZWO174mm connected via Lindy cables .5m to 10m active extension (all USB3) and then to the i5 USB3 and running SharpCap pro, never had a drop out.

The i7 which is better specced than the i5, continually drops SharpCap out on one USB3 port just after connection and the other USB3 port wont even recognise the camera when connected to the active extension.

I have introduced a USB3 powered hub and there are now no dropouts, so this is making me wonder if the USB3 ports in the HPi7 have enough power to them, could this be through a BIOS setting?

I did replace the SSD in the i5 last year with a new Silicon Power SSD, not sure what is in the i7 other than it is a 520SSD, could this be an issue?

Both USB3 ports in the i7 work as transfer rates is around 270mbs when transferring data to my USB stick.

In Windows 10 I have tried Control Panel/Power Options/Changed Advanced Power Settings/USB Settings/USB Selective Suspend and changed the on battery and plugged in to Disabled.

Any ideas much appreciated.

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