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Onstep STM32 blue pill and SHC kits

Due to various issues as well as having to buy certain components in bulk, I have enough leftovers from my Onstep build to make a few kits to sell at my cost (plus postage).

I have more SHC kits than Onstep controllers so am willing to sell these separately. The kits replicate what I have in my build here:

Kits are a bit more than bare-bones but don't include everything.
Optional extras included:
Cable to connect SHC and controller (plus end connectors)
2xLV8729 stepper drivers (these are high-end but not top end)
Extra capacitor for focuser motor (ask if you need another stepper as I have a few A4988s)
tracking LED
a few lengths of Dupont wires
Caps for buttons (including 3d printed ones for the joystick as I could not find these anywhere)

Specifically excluded:
Power connection terminal
Boxes to house PCBs
On/off switch
Stepper motors

There are a lot of bits, so I will be posting using express post boxes which costs around $15. I am happy for people to collect if they want.

Full kit (controller and SHC): $110 incl postage
SHC only: $55 incl postage
PCB's: $10 a set including postage (padded envelope)

I have soldered up and tested 2 SHCs out of boredom over lockdown. They take about 1.5-2hours to do if you know what you're doing. $70 posted

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, I can print a case for the SHC for $15 to cover my time and materials. Choice is yellow, orange, black, white or blue. If it seems expensive, 3d printing is time-consuming (4-5 hours to print) and requires setting up, print cleanup and I monitor prints regularly. Note, boxes for the controller are a bit time consuming to print so will need to be independently sourced.

Let me know via PM if interested.

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