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Hi Pete,

Congrats on the purchase.

Originally Posted by pvelez View Post

1. Balance - I plan to use the PMX mount. It is strong enough to handle it but I'm uncertain about counterweights. Will I need a third counterweight? What has been the experience of other users.

2. Adapters - the PW website is very helpful with information on back focus and adapters. But any rig needs several of them and the cost mounts quickly. Looking at the QSI for example, there are at least 3 spacers/couplers required. Have others bought the PW supplied adapters or asked Precise Parts to sort this out?

3. Cameras - I have 3 alternative cameras for the scope. I have a QSI 583 for general purpose imaging, a ST10 for photometry/spectroscopy and a STL11000 for wide fields. The pixel size of the STL is a much better match but I have seen some good images with a QSI binned. What do others use?

4. MMOAG - if I use the STL11k, I'm considering adding a MMOAG. Can anyone comment on this set-up?

5. Rotator - PW recommend the Optec 3 inch Pyxis. I have a 2 inch which is too small for this but it works well. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a rotator?

6. Anything else - is there anything else I should be thinking of ordering? The scope has the electronic focusser and piggyback dovetail.

I am v excited - in case you hadn't noticed.

Once it arrives, I will need to move the RC8 on - so long as I get the collimating right first!

1) you will need a third counter weight, im sure of it. 2 didnt do it for me.
2) I bought the PW supplied adapters for use with the stl11000. Simple, but im not using a rotator or MOAG.
5) I use the Hedrick focuser to rotate my gear, yes its manually done.

Just check the optical alignment of the scope when it arrives and if it looks good, then you can proceed to collimation using the stars.

The dew heaters on the mirrors is a neat addition.

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