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(PERTH) Meade Starfinder 12.5" Dobsonian Reflector/Reflecting Telescope SUPER CHEAP!

I'm not really sure exactly how much it is worth right now but I am willing to take 600 for it but I also have it on ebay if you want to take a bid at a low price.

Selling as have moved to Sydney. Have had this little beauty for around a decade and has served me so well. It's been in storage for a couple of years but is still in pretty good condition factoring in it's age. The mirrors will need a clean but are in great good condition. It has had a cover over the opening the whole time. I'm not selling any eyepieces with it.

Will need to be picked up in Tuart Hill on Wednesday afternoon/night or super early Thurs morning no exception.


More Info

A superb, hand-figured parabolic primary mirror manufactured of low-expansion, fine-annealed Pyrex glass at the Meade Irvine, Calif., factory. Every mirror meets the theoretical limit of resolution for its aperture, and is matched with an elliptical flat secondary mirror of appropriate minor axis.
Smooth manual motions of the telescope in both altitude and azimuth atop low-backlash Teflon/Nylon bearings. Each mount is manufactured of cabinet-quality materials and designed for a lifetime of use. Handles are provided for easy portability.

The Starfinder's optical tube is made from a Sonotube that has excellent insulating characteristics, so that thermal tube currents are reduced to a minimum. Sonotube is 15.1" in diameter and 58" long with end ring.


Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector

Diameter/Clear Aperture: 318mm (12.5")

Primary & Secondary Mirrors: Grade-A Pyrex glass, fine annealed

Secondary Mirror Support: 4-vane; steel

Focal Length; Focal Ratio: 1525mm; f/4.8

Resolving Power (arc secs.): 0.36

Optical Coatings: standard aluminum

Limiting Visual Magnitude (approx.): 15

Limiting Photographic Magnitude (approx.): 17.4

Image Scale (degs./inch): .95/inch

Maximum Practical Visual Power: 600x

Optical Tube Dimensions (dia. x length): 15.1" x 58" long spiral-wound Sonotube

Secondary Mirror Minor Axis: 2.60"

Secondary Mirror Obstruction (%): 0.043

Dobsonian Base Diameter: 26.75"

Mount Dimensions (approx.): 25" square x 22" high

Materials: thermally-fused Melamine, industrial particle based board core"
Bearings: Altitude: Nylon Azimuth:Teflon

Optical Tube Weight: 55 lbs.

Mounting Weight: 41 lbs.

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