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Here is a version with more data. The last version had no 16 min data. More data gives an image with less noise.

Full res image 2.3MB

Canon 5DH. Canon300mm F2.8L. EQ6 guided by 1250mm 90mm MAK.

Colour. 10x( 1,2,4 min) at 200ISO,10x2m at 800ISO.
HA 10x(4.8 min) 16x16 min all at 800 ISO
O3 10x(4,8 min) 13x16 min all at 800 ISO

Fridge at -5C for all exposures except for 13x16 min O3 as last night was 24C so settled for -2.5C.

From the seperate tone mapped images made with Easyhdr combined with ImagesPlus
Colour: red to red, green to green, blue to blue.
HA: red to red
O3: green to green, blue to blue.

I am sure more processing would help. With the mosaic I will make sure that all vignetted areas (corners) are well overlapped.

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