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Likewise I was trying to push the envelope earlier this year on the Keyhole nebula in Carina using my 8Ē f5 newt with my Canon 600D pixel pitch 4.3uM and a 2 x Televue Powermate which effectively gave me a focal length of 2000mm and an image scale of 0.44 arc sec per pixel
This image was captured under pristine stable conditions at my place on the south coast , guiding around 0.80 arc sec error total , 20 x 5 minute subs stacked in DSS and processed in Startools
I stretched this image to the max and couldnít get anymore brightness, contrast or resolution out of it.
Iím going to experiment again using the new 2600MC but I donít think Iím going to achieve a great deal more
Mother Nature is always the winner here , the atmospheric conditions govern everything we try to do to get closer
You never know until you try though , physics never stopped anyone having a go !!
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