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Brendan, you probably already know but I thought I should mention it anyway if anybody else is reading, ebay is the source for the old cameras (sensors). New sensors seem to cost more than the old broken cameras.

And I think we should forget about redesigning the board. It is too much work and basically we will be going back to prototyping stage. Other people had good results with this design. I have never used Eagle but I can work my way around Altium Designer.

And I was also thinking about building 2... one colour and one mono... We may need more than 2 sensors though, the failure rate of debayering seems to be very high. Glen debayered a Canon 450D sensor but not without casualties.

Also I have access to a 3D printer... possibly for enclosure??? But the plastic box would need EM shielding then (copper tape inside?).

By the way, I have posted a link to this thread in the old thread. Just in case anyone was following that and did not see this thread.
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