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Originally Posted by luka View Post
....... For example this ($10) or this ($15). The first one is only 0.5A. Of course this needs to be separate from this board.

The round board had worse noise performance and would need a custom made housing. Square may be the one to go for, at least until they fix the round one.
The ADP3336 has very low noise at rated output current...typically 27~45 volts. These other units as small switchmode's with ~30~50MV P/P noise. Which is 100 times more noise. Not good for signal noise in this system.

Yes I agree that some of the power regulators are very close to their limits and probably need an upgrade.

I can do eagle PCB CAD but this is a big job and placement, track size etc will effect noise etc...a lot. This is the problem with the round PCBs.

on another note...I'll need to hunt around for another sensor ICX453AQ. Should have purchased Glens.
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