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Luka the PCB are in gerber format. You can get the PCBs made with these files. I think they were using steed studios.

There are some pdf's of the schematics...easy to convert to your own PCB cad...well not quite....takes some time. I was thinking of doing this but as said you could muck up noise figures by fiddling with the schematics, track size etc. Vakulenko and Hippieua will not release PCB cad drawings apart from those gerber files.

I concur with the regulator changes...but...I was reading a slight difference in bypass and output capacitor selection with the LP3985 vers. Also reading the bypass caps should be ceramic COG or NPO's.

More reading and cross checking required on this. Yes I saw the comment of the supply voltage. I think most ICs run from 5V or 3V so no great need to feed it 12V...just creates more heat than necessary.

I'm not fussed on PCB type, round or square but think the logistics of a round PCB is more difficult. I have not done any BOM for the round PCBs.

On another note...I ordered some parts from UTS as they were cheaper:

CXD1267ANT: SSOP; SONY; qty 5@$3.33 ea, = $16.65 (USD)
AD9826KR: SSOP; AD; qty 3@$4.00 ea = $12.00 (USD)
They are cheap enough to to grab some. Should take ~ 2 weeks to arrive. Already waiting for some parts from them to fix a 13.8 PSU I managed to destroy!

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