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Brendan, I had a look at upgrading components as in the CN post I mentioned before. Not sure if it is really worth doing it.

We could swap LP2985 with LP3985 versions. The LP3985 has the same noise levels but lower dropout voltage = less heat generation
5V replacement (U4 and U5)
3.3V replacement (U6 and U7)
(note the extra A in the part number. I could not decipher the meaning from the datasheet)

Unfortunately LM2937IMP-5.0 and LD1117S50CTR have the same package but different pin orientations. The latter has MUCH lower noise levels.

Also an interesting note from CN:
"I supply my cam84 with only 6.5Volts, That is enough for the U2 to regulate the 6Volt and also enough for all other VRs. By doing so the heat generated by the VRs decreased a lot.On U4 I measured a temperature of 70C when operated with 12 volts and with 6.5volts its is only 50C. The 12volt I use now only for my TEC."

And finally, do you know if the PCB design files were ever released? I can't find them in the files I got from CN.
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