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Things are heating up

Since I saw this project a few weeks ago I started looking for a good deal on D40, D50 or D70 on ebay. This morning I got a D40 for $65 shipped. Partially broken (flash + cracked housing) but it takes photos, i.e. the sensor is good. I feel bad for having to throw away the rest of the camera

Anybody else looking for a sensor, buried deeply inside the thread on Cloudy Nights is this:
"D40 and D50 are on the flex board. This certainly makes it easier to remove. You can remove the chip a pin at a time as opposed to having all the pins released at the same time."
For D70 I would recommend using something like ChipQuick to remove the sensor.

Brendan, did you see the "upgraded" parts that were used to improve the round version? I saw a post on CN and I am trying to see if there is anything we can upgrade. Especially the lower noise voltage regulators may be easy to swap if the footprint is the same.

And thank you for doing the list. Note that minimal order from Element14 is $45 to avoid paying for postage.

Regarding the sockets for the sensor, this is probably the most relevant post at CN with DigiKey part numbers. Also see the post on CN, just after the one I linked, regarding using beryllium-copper. I have found a few sockets at RS/Element14 but a much cheaper source would be this. It may need some trimming.
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