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Hi folks. Composite box sounds nice but I guess we also should look at sealing and ability to shim the PCB so the sensor is orthogonal.

Luka I'll download your spread sheet and compare to mine. I was up to just starting the resistors identification (Cam84 ver 4.1).

CXD1267AN (not -N ver but this should be ok) ....UTS for $3.33. UTS are pretty good.

AT93C46-10S alternate...RS, AT93C46DN-SH-B, RS number, 696-2743, a 1Kb, 64 x 16 or 128 x 8 bit eeprom. I think this is suitable but need to check a little more. Princely sum of $.35 ea.

AD9826JRSZ - RS has AD9826KRSZ,...I think this is fine, the nomenclature on the end is just minor revisions like temp rating colour package etc. I am looking at data pdf's to ensure comp ability. $17 ea.

The rest easy to find or alternates. I'll do my own sheet and compare with yours then we might be best to post it in the thread so that everyone can acces but only a few can change!

I've quite a bit of work comparing data pdf's on alternates....this takes some time! It should take me a full week or a little less. trying to type when I've just had a right elbow ulnar nerve de-compress operation a day ago. Quite funny really....I look like an idiot with one bad arm!

I'll get back soon.

forgot to mention a lot of parts are bulk order, ie: 74HC595D in pkg of 10 we need 1 ea. Transistor T1, BC857B.215 comes in pkg of 100, at $.053 ea. Breaking them up for more users is a cheaper way, $.053 ea (doubt we will have 100 users)! And so on...

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