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Hi Brendan

I was also doing parts list and preparing to start a new thread :-)

As you said the round board is not as good as the square one (higher noise levels). Also the round board has 10cm diameter which I thought was quite large.

Here are my findings so far:

All parts are available at RS components apart from the sensor (obviously) and:
CXD1267AN-N can be sourced from ebay, $25
AT93C46-10S (discontinued???)
AD9826JRSZ - RS has AD9826KRSZ, I have not looked yet to see what the difference is, it may be suitable
BC847B.235 - it is a transistor, should be easy enough to find a replacement.
Ordering all from RS comes to $86, not including the capacitors, resistors and inductors which should not cost too much. RS also has free shipping so it is a good source for small orders

I have attached the Excel sheet showing the RS pricing for all parts, rounded up to a nearest $ (some parts were only few c but I rounded them to 1$).

As you said soldering should not be too difficult apart from U1. I don't have reflow oven or anything similar but this video shows how to do it by hand. Not for faint-hearted but I am happy to try. I am also happy to help few others with SMD components.

Also I had a quick quote for the manufacture of the square board from PCBway. I have to double-check but I think it was about $25 for 10 boards from China + $30 postage. The price per board drops significantly on larger quantities of course as shipping is the killer. I used them in the past and the boards were quite good. Ah, and they have few $ paypal fee... squeezing every cent.

The biggest issue I have is actually making the box and especially the cooling. I do not have any machining capabilities. One option would be to use the recommended Gainta G107 box (which probably can be found in the local shops, it looks like a standard size). But again we need to solve the cooling. It looks like most of people used copper cylinder and a large heatsink with a fan at the back of the box.


edit: added the Excel sheet
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