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DIY ICX453AQ, Sony sensor CCD camera

Following from this thread, time to form its own thread.

Following on from CN discussions, here, as lead by the great work of Hippieua and Vakulenko (Sergiy), also see here, the object is to build an astro camera, ASCOM compliant using the Sony ICX453AQ sensor (as used in QHY8 and Nikon camera.

Initially this started a a great project but got a little bogged in changes and lack of cooling and the need for users to adapt and machine housings with UV/IR filter etc. ATM most bugs are ironed out for the "square PCB ver" but the "round PCB ver" still needs work in curing noise etc.

A few IIS'ers have expressed interest and this is a great project. I will be making one soon and can offer some assistance mainly in the SMD soldering area. Obviously I cannot help if dozrns of users want to build...but can help a few.

I'm still waiting for cooling cold finger to be adapted to this project but are building a BOM for parts for the square PCB board that can be sourced in Australia. This of 2 parts are now not available or not sold here but I am chasing alternates. I'll be doing this for next 2 weeks as it takes a long time to cross check specs and read document datasheets. But I'll post it soon.

The other thing is the U1 dual rail buck converter, -8V/+15V out in QFN package. I'm not happy with this and have started some searching for alternates but this will require PCB changes, something I'd rather not do as the implication might degraded performance. Still thinking about this. I can do QFN packages with my hot air gun...but...I'm not overly joyed by this prospect.

I won't repost PCB gerbers etc as they are up to date and best held by the designers. We will also need to put these PCBs out for manufacture from a PCB fab house. The more the cheaper. Also buying parts in bulk can lower costs.

Anyway, lets get the discussion ball rolling.

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