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Originally Posted by MichaelWB View Post
Hi all. I'm a newbie, I have never even posted on any forum before, so forgive me if I say something stupid, or waffle on. I've dabbled with astronomy since the 60's, always solo, but now I' semi-retired I have started to get more involved again. I bought a C6 last year and love it, but almost immediately got aperture fever. I have 99% completed a 14" f7.2 truss dob that has yet to see starlight. I picked up an old recoated mirror that seems good. I may have wasted my money, but early indications are that it is ok. I thought that this weekend at Bretti might be a good time to try it out. As you can guess, it is a bit of a monster and transporting it ( + a ladder ) might be a bit of a problem as I only have a Corolla. If I can make it, do you have any advice on what to bring as I have never been free camping before, just a powered site in a caravan park. I know, what a wuss. Any way, I'm happy to listen to any advice you can give, if I can make it, probably just for Friday night. Thanks for your patience.

We look forward to meeting you Michael. Bring warm clothing and food and water with you. only drop toilets there.
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