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Mono Processing advice please

Hi folks, may I ask for some mono processing workflow advice please...

I'm new to my mono camera and to take advantage of a rare clear night in Melbourne, I chose to speed up the capture series and did some binning x 2 on my RG&B data last night but kept the Ha and O3 full size.

To preprocess the files and reconstruct the image - do I need to take bin x 2 darks & flats for those or can I use the full size darks & flats that I have already taken?

I have taken flats (& dark flats & darks) for all 7 filters bin x 1 already.

I use Nebulosity 3.0 on a mac.

I'm hoping to attempt the Strongman Mike HaO3RGB combination
by blending the OIII data with the blue and green and the Ha with the red and the Blue then use a hybrid Lum made with The OIII and Ha.

But first I need to preprocess the images and Nebulosity stopped when it picked up the size mismatch between the binx1 and binx2 files.

... all advice and suggested tutorials or directions to webpages welcome.



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