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Iíve just had a look at your mount and it looks like it doesnít have a USB connection on the motor control box
The older versions didn't have the USB, the current versions do.
What baud rate are you using in the USB driver ?
If using a USB cable connection baud rate should be 115200
If using an EQ cable connection baud rate is 9600
Make sure you change it in device manager ( USB port ) as well as the Ascom window of EQMOD
Changing the baud rate in EQMOD to 115200 got it working via the USB. Never thought about needing to change it there as it worked fine at 9600 with the connection through the EQ cable connection.

Thank you very much Martin! BTW - where on the South Coast is your away from Sydney setup if you don't mind me asking? I'm in Nowra.

Thank you again!
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