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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post
Greg, if you don't mind, what happens when you bin 2x2 or 3x3 with the KAF8300? Do you get more acceptable results? I tried to start another thread here asking about an affordble camera to image with a Meade 12" at f6.3, but no takers. I doubt my KAF8300 camera will work properly even though at 2x2 it would be at 1.18 arcsec.

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Sorry missed this question until now.
I have binned 2x2 with it and it improves it for sure. There is a drop in resolution but for Ha 2x2 makes a lot of sense with the 17 inch. Unless you are doing Ha only images I find binning Ha 2x2 works well. I don't use Ha as a luminance layer in my images anyway so I mostly adding a bit of depth to the red in the image usually. Lack of noise is more important there than sharpness in my opinion.

I'd say an 8300 chip would be a poor match to your 12 inch SCT which is probably also about 3 metres in focal length. It may work if you use an AO device plus use it on good seeing nights. But for most people good seeing is a rare event.

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