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Hi Troy,

FWIW, here is a rundown of what problems I had installing the
DSI Pro II on my Win XP laptop.

1. Installed Autostar Suite/Envisage.
2. Plugged in DSI.
3. XP would see new device, start installing something, then hang.

The problem ended up being that my laptop USB was unable to supply
enough milliamps to run the DSI. (laptop was also USB1.0)

3. Tried a Cardbus PCMCIA USB2.0 in the laptop.(with external power
Seemed again to be an insufficient power issue....

So I tried a powered USB hub with the laptop.....
Still problems....
Came to the conclusion the laptop would probably never be able
to drive the DSI.

The Yahoo DSI forum mentions this a lot in the FAQ section.

An install on a desktop (with USB 2.0 ports) worked fine.

My dome desktop PC runs fine, I can hot-unplug it without any disasters
or re-installing drivers that others mention.
As a bonus, the hub suits the situation anyway:
I have the USB hub on the scope pier for connection of any USB
device on the OTA, and the only cables that run under the floor are the
12v plugpack for the Hub and the USB feed for the Hub.

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