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I would have to agree with Paul's statements. I have a modded 20D and QHY8. The 20D is a delight to use (with a remote timer) and once you have the guiding sorted out then you are on a very steep learning curve. The extra complexity of a cooled CCD camera in the dark will drive you to distraction and can end in tears. Learn the basics of a goto mount, polar aligning and guiding - that should take you 6-12 months to get it all worked out and reproducable in the dark. Then doing astrophotography is again a steep curve but enjoyable - stacking, darks biases etc. Then once you feel comfortable step up to a cooled CCD - by then the AUD may be at parity with the USD and you never know what great cameras would be available by then.
I would recommend a modded 350D or 20D from Eric Styles as these will hold their value as they are a specific purpose camera and will hold their value better than an un-modded camera
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