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Originally Posted by Bob Jones View Post
Hi all
After 10 years of visual and video astronomy it is time to progress to astro photography. I have just purchased an EQ6 Pro and an Orion 80 Eon to mount beside my 6" Intes Mak but I am undecided which camera to get. I am considering a Canon 450D, a Canon 40D or a QHY8.

I have just noticed that there will be a 10% increase in QHY prices in 2009 and so I need to make a decision soon. As a beginner should I start with a DSLR or can I jump straight in with a QHY8? Am I mistaken in thinking the QHY8 and its output will be easier for this old fart to master or is the learning curve about the same with a DSLR?

Bob Jones
Since you are asking as a beginner I would definately recommend a beginners setup. To this end you should get a second hand EOS 350D and basically learn the basics of focussing, guiding, polar alignment, processing etc.

After about a year of this during which you will be able to take some decent photo's you will be able to answer your own question as to which way you should go.

A very good 350D just went in IIS classifieds for around 350 AUD. A year from now it would still have around 300 AUD resale. As far as a QHY8 going up in price, so what? A year from now it may well have gone down in price.

Bear in mind that a QHY8 even at the new price is a far cheaper option than say an SBIG or FLI which can run to over 15,000 AUD. Who knows, maybe after a year you may find you like astrophotography so much you may be prepared to fork out for a TAK, G11, SBIG combo.

Until then go the 350D and see how you go


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