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Originally Posted by Dennis
In the old days of 35mm cameras, a bulb was literally used to remotely fire camera shutters. It was like a bladder than when squeezed, triggered the shutter mechanism with a pulse of air.
Hi All,

I thought that the 'Bulb' setting was originally for flash bulbs. In the daze before flash synch, you would open the shutter, manually fire the flash, then close the shutter. Hence the 'B' setting was for the flash 'Bulb', not the shutter 'bulb' - the shutter 'bulb' being used for all exposures to open the shutter, whatever the shutter speed.

Anyway, what camera....

If you can afford it, maybe a 400. But then on the other hand, now that the 400 is out, the 350s are starting to appear on the second hand market. Even cheaper are second hand 300s.

I just had a look on the WA Quokka website (I'm in WA) and there is...

DIGITAL CAMERA Canon EOS SLR, 300D, with Canon 18/55mm lens, with all access cords & cables & Canon RS 60-E3 remote $600, lens.

Canon EOS 300 SLR Camera - comes with a case and a brand new sealed battery. Has ben used only once - Brand new For $400 only.

Canon EOS 350d Digital SLR. 8 mega pixel. 18-55mm f3.5 Zoom Lens, and 75-300MM f4 zoom lens. Both from Canon EF range.512mb Legend memory card. Extra New battery. Everything is in perfect working order, no dust scratches or marks in any lens. Everything like new, and boxed. Selling as upgrading. $1250.

Hey, here's someone that knows what they are on about...

CAMERA Prof, Canon EOS 500, very strong lens, 20-80, auto/manual, very new, c/w prof case $250.

I better phone them up and get the 'very strong lens'! Might be good for propping up my car when the tyres are being changed or something like that. And what's more, it's 'very new'!

Anyway - I'm sure if you look around you will find a good, s/h 350 for a bargain wherever you are. The thing is that these daze, digital cameras become obsolete very quickly (or maybe out of fashion?) and their s/h price is much less than their new price.

Comparing a 8.2 MP 350 and a 10.1MP 400, the actual difference in image quality is not really that much - 23%. So if you are on a tight budget, I suggest the 350.

Or here we go...

Hope you have fun!

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