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A test for my guide camera

I've never done this before but last night I did some LRGB imaging with my ZWO ASI 120MMs guide camera. I'm using this with my DSLR for auto guiding occasionally but never as the main camera. In fact, I don't think anyone here on IIS has ever used one for deep space objects, so I thought I'd give it a go.

Well, as you can see it worked, although light pollution from Bortle 7 skies and a waning gibbous moon two days past full didn't help. I think if I'd used better LRGB filters ( and not an old Meade set I bought on IIS a few years ago ) then the colour balance may well have been easier to achieve.

The ASI 120MM sensor is small, so this shot was hardly cropped at all and using my SW 6 inch f5 Newtonian, M83 just fitted in the frame. This was done unguided ( an issue when using your guide camera as the main imaging device ) and I only took 20 x 60sec subs through each filter so it's rather noisy but I am quite pleased with what this little camera can do!
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