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Originally Posted by DiscoDuck View Post

The weird red bit on the left tip of the bipolar nebular is real I think - the OIII suddenly stops (at almost a sharp line!) and just the red Ha continues, so you get this sudden transition from a sort of pinky colour to pure red in the HOO rendition. Kind of ugly, but not too sure what to do with it! Tips appreciated.

Obviously needs more data - as clouds/short time of stay limited what I could do.

Astrobin version here.
Are you referring to that very red kind of lip on the left edge of the inner PN in your image? If so then yes it is real, it is in my image (all be it at a coarser image scale of 1.6"/pix) from a few years back

Lovely HaOIIIOIII image BTW, your image scale is very fine indeed, what are you imaging at 0.4"/pix?

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