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The Dragon's Egg

This was an experiment at a dark sky site last weekend. I've never done narrowband under a dark sky before, and was curious to see how much better it was (theoretically, it should get the same proportional benefit as RGB (in my case 5xfewer exposures), though things like read noise start to spoil that boost, as the background light levels are so low and you're well short of sky limited in the dark site).

Took some OIII of NGC 6164/6165 in Ara to try to get the faint OIII shell around the bipolar nebula. It does seem to benefit greatly from the dark sky - I have got a worse image from considerably more data in the 'burbs. Of course that would happen - but it was good to put theory to test

The weird red bit on the left tip of the bipolar nebular is real I think - the OIII suddenly stops (at almost a sharp line!) and just the red Ha continues, so you get this sudden transition from a sort of pinky colour to pure red in the HOO rendition. Kind of ugly, but not too sure what to do with it! Tips appreciated.

Obviously needs more data - as clouds/short time of stay limited what I could do.

Astrobin version here.
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