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Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post
MATE! What have you been doing all these years!!!! Not pushed past 86X with Eta Carina!!!!!

This sucker is so richly detailed that it screams "push me, ya whimp!"

Have you seen the dark pillars in it? Pushing the magnification past 150X helps a lot increase their contrast. For those who read this thread and have not seen the skeletal dark pillars in Eta Carina, I've been able to see them with an 8" scopes from my home in Sydney, dobs & SCT's. Increasing the magnification to around 150X is a big help here under light polluted skies.

Shame on me !!
And I do all my observing down south at my retirement holiday place which is Bortle 3. On clear nights the Milky Way is painted across the night sky like Tiara
To be serious though, Iím only a casual observer so my time is spent roughly 80% Astrophotography and 20% Visual and the rest on minding grandkids , so even though Iíve been observing for over 4 years, itís doesnít add up to a lot of sky time overall. I still have a lot to learn about visual ( hence this post and thread ) I have a full set of Televue Powermates which I use for planetary imaging but rarely use them for visual, I think Iíll be using more for visual
I promise Iíll bump up magnification on all objects next time out
Thanks again
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