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Eta Carina and Homunculus

I was out last night observing with my 12” Goto dob ( first time this year ) and selected about 8 objects to view throughout the night including the Carina Nebula which was the last one
Tried a few eye pieces on Carina including a Delos 17.3mm and Ethos 21mm with a Paracorr type 2 CC , with and without a UHC filter , the views were pretty good at that magnification, plenty of detail through the clouds of nebulosity especially with the filter.
Just before packing up for the night I decided to give the Apollo 11 eye piece a try on a nebula at 136x magnification ( never thought to try this before due to the magnification) Focused on the centre and the Star Eta Carina and saw a small sphere shape behind the Star. It wasn’t centred behind the Star, the Star was towards the bottom. It wasn’t that bright but bright enough not to require averted vision, I could make it out clearly. I refocused a few times thinking it was focus or light scatter or something but no it was still there
For all those experienced observers ( in only a casual observer , spend more time on AP ) surely this couldn’t be part of the Homunculus Nebula ??

Appreciate any advice what this could have been or in fact if it was the Homunculus nebula or a least one side of it ??

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