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Great advice all round here , pat yourselves on the back people ! .

I have a really good C9.25 and when collimated and cooled it provides excellent high power views of the moon and planets with ease , because of its 2350mm fl , yes my 127mm 1000mm fl iStar is sharper , easier to set up and cools much faster I have to start using my 3-5mm Radians to acheave the same medium powers the C9.25 gives while idling along using 10-20mm eyepieces .

It only come out on weekends when the nights are good , my smaller refractors get more use because they are easier to set up for shorter week night sessions .

Yes keep the C11 , learn how to collimate and give it at least an hour to cool and settle and if the night allows be ready to be amaized especially on the planets .

One more thing you will have to spend 10x the cost of a C11 on a refractor to get views that better it when the cost of mount and Observatory ? are taken into account , yes a large 7 inch + refractor and mount aint G&G by any means , where a C11 is .

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