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Originally Posted by Ryderscope View Post
Looks to be resolved very nicely into the core and the star colours are work very well too. Nice one Colin
Thanks Rodney, stars are resolving all the way down to the compact core. So much better than the bright blobby mass I've been accustomed to

Originally Posted by Anth10 View Post
Your persistence has paid dividends here Colin.
Very nice image of my fav glob.

Well done.
Thanks Anthony, it is a big waiting game for good seeing. Sometimes has me thinking that if the seeing doesn't cooperate then it isn't even worth setting up.

Originally Posted by Placidus View Post
That exceptional seeing has produced an exceptional result.

We've been frustrated by very poor going on disgusting seeing here, so all we could do is go for depth. Perhaps if we get some good seeing, we can selectively use that for the brightest parts of the image.

Your patience has captured superb data, and you've processed it beautifully.
Seeing is king when it comes to resolving in globulars. I've not long finished stacking the "best" 5 hours of other NGC 104 data I've got from 2.8"-3.8". Although the background looks a lot smoother, 40 minutes of good sharp data trumps 5 hours of average data. A single 120s exposure with FWHM trumps 5 hours under poor seeing

Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Lovely colours and great resolution.
Thanks Marc

Attached is a centre crop (500x500) at full resolution of the centre of 47 Tuc. The first has a FWHM around 1.45" while the second is around 3.2".
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