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Planetary / lunar imaging

Is there a guide somewhere that shows the best methods for capturing planets and the Moon using a CCD? Can someone explain it for me please?

I have pretty much come to total grasps with imaging DSO's with my CCD, but have absolutely no clue the best methods for using it on planets and the moon.

What I would like to know is:
1. exposure length - I assume in mere seconds compared to my usual 300 seconds

2. amount of subs - again, I assume HUNDREDS of subs.

Any other help DEEPLY appreciated, because I have NEVER taken a decent image of any planets or Moon, and seeing the Moon is high and bright, DSO is out except Narrowband.

I will be using my FL102S refractor with the SXVR-M25C OSC CCD. Will it be better to keep it at native f/9.2, or bump it down with the FR to 6.4? I do NOT have a Barlow etc, so it will be native magnification anyway (perhaps not enough for Saturn?)
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