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Hmmm, lotsa questions.
Use MaxDSLR, it has a great focus routine once you get used to it, and it will stand you n good stead for when you use Maxim DL with a CCD, if you do got past the DSLR.
Focus by eye on a bright enough star, using the viewfinder first, then switch to a dimmer star and use the pixel count with MaxDSLR.
Can't help with the light pollution filter I luckily haven't needed one.
ISO depends on a lot of things. Brighter object would work K with something like ISO400, but the dim stuff needs 1600 perhaps, depending on how the noise is with the camera. 800 is another good all round ISO setting.
If you need a coma corrector, and until you establish you DO sit tight, the Baader MPCC is the best all rounder.
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