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My shipwright friend pointed out that we should clean the tracks as any improvement to assist reduction of the rolling resistance is energy well spent.
He constructed some very impressive scaffolding and with the ladder brought in by my other friend he got to work grinding the tracks... well he found that BHP had placed their brand in raised letters on the track and he ground them away...this answered a big question..why does the roof jump about when being was horrific and I thought it was due to the roof going this way and that..I had to use both hand controllers carefully ss you would get slack one side which you needed to take although not tested as yet I believe this will improve the opening and closing...also the winch motors not only are now out of the way but have a better mechanical advantage than where I placed them originally.
They also fixed my air conditioner in the van which was a ruff job with cardboard and tape and no provision for the drain..all that is fixed.
The grass is cut ..everywhere..and things are looking good.
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