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Originally Posted by AdamJL View Post
You can power a small village with that generator/battery setup, Alex

Starting your own commune?
There are 500 amp hours st 12 volts so I guess I can use 125 amp hours before a recharge the way I do it to be kind to your batteries if you want to get your moneys worth.

Commune??? The chick next door but one to the old place I once lived at kept bringing up woman creatures and as my mate would say " forget going to town to meet some one we only need to go next door" He did I didnt.. but after various squabbles and AVOs he decided I was smarter than I looked. So I am thinking how kind of her helping out these down on their luck ladies...until I found out she was renting crappy caravans to them at $125 a week...she would have been turning over $1250 a week most times...and she had her eye on do I know..well she turns up to introduce herself and of course I gave her a coffee but then she starts on about Stelarium being a wonderful program...I knew I was a I looked out the window displaying boredom and she never visited again.

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