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Mmm. Tuesday and the good news seems so long ago now...

The genny is now Earthed and connected to the battery charger..The air conditioner fortunately works which I was somewhat worried that it would but the better genny and beefy power cord sees it running ok plus the battery charger works while the air conditioner is running not that the batteries should need help on a day that requires that you run the air conditioner.

The jetty is complete and as I write this the fire pump is being set up four feet from the end so as not to get in the way of folk getting out of the boat or from a swim.. it is only a dam but a float around in the dingy a nice day with a icy glass of sustigen should be rather pleasant.

AND we moved the RASA onto the EQ8R and put the camera on and balanced it...I lined the mount up with the EQ6R in front of it as far as the CSP goes so hopefuly all I have to adjust is the dials on the mount and not move it..Later we will put the HEQ5 in its corner so I can polar align it when doing the EQ8R.

Not the place but to add to a perfect day...I received "you have a parcel at the Post Office" email which made me happy cause after ordering a heap of stuff and nothing turning up I really thought I had done my cash.. but at the counter I was handed four packages..another watch ( shows your blood pressure they claim), a wallet that scoundrels cant scan, a little pouch for my pocket watch and a Lord of the Rings engraved ring...but I have been duded because I put it on and my daughter can still see me...but it has done its job as I was hanging to get a ring and kept looking at expensive stuff so buying this cheap one gets rid of the ring wanties and tells me to order something a little smaller next time.

So far a great day with much progress... also my feet and hands are improving with each hour that passes and although still painful not as bad as the mind numbing pain I have endured for near two weeks.

So hopefully next eeek with see gear ready and me ready.
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